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Lori Daugherty

Painting with Fire!


Dayton based, self taught abstract artist, Lori Daugherty, enjoys exploring and experimenting with the elusive encaustic medium. She finds that the encaustic medium provides a wealth of depth, breath, and texture, with an added twist of mystery.


Armed with an arsenal of torches, hot plates and air compressors, Lori melds intricate layers of color with encaustic wax paints, inks and shellac. Her desire is to take the viewer on an enchanted adventure while following the painting’s path, and by embracing the lines, the shapes, the color, and the texture. 


Lori’s studio-gallery called “Darty Art” is located at the Front Street Buildings, in downtown Dayton. Darty Art is not just a place for Lori to create art, but it also acts as a gallery to display her work.


Lori’s talented husband and creative daughter both share in the passion of art, and are both actively involved in the studio/gallery activities and projects, as well as the Dayton Art Community. You’ll often find Jon Daugherty’s and Kelsey Wolford’s art work in the Darty Art gallery as well. 


Darty Art is open to the public on the First Friday (6pm-9pm) of each month, and the Third Sunday (11am-4pm) of each month and by appointment.


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